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    The Air.

Our Vision

To offer “one stop solution” for all stake holders such as; architects, engineers, project managers, developers; etc by using revolutionary Drone Mapping Services and Lidaer mounted on Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs)/drones for cost-effective, fast and accurate 3D rendering of real-world subjects and obtaining geophysical, geological and environmental data.

Our Mission

LIDÆRO aims to become client centric solution provider company with its customized 3D mapping, BIM and engineering services. LIDÆRO offers flexible options for clients to select any vertical of our services at any stage of the projects development.

Palak Majmudar

Founder & CEO

Mr. Palak Majmudar contributes over 18+ years’ experience in civil engineering and consulting. Mr. Majmudar started, developed and has served as the General Manager of Al Hashar Engineering LLC since July 2016. His experience in supervising design and construction of large-scale projects, encompassing business development, proposal development, project planning and coordination, budgeting, and resource coordination including by utilizing engineering tools and cost evaluation techniques, will be highly valuable to the success of LIDÆRO’s launch.

Mr. Majmudar effectively used LIDAR technology on a UAV for one of his business contract, as pilot projects for mapping river basis in MP, India as well agriculture field study.