3D Mapping & LIDAR Services

Drone mapping is the art of taking photographs at regular interval over a large parcel of land. After clicking thousands of photographs all the photos are merged together to form a single image which is known as Orthomosaic or 2D map . In order to increase the accuracy of drone map, DGPS points are taken at regular interval. Those DGPS points are imported in ortho map and with the help of aerial triangulation, accuracy of map increases drastically.

Lesser Time & Cost

Capturing topographic data with a drone is up to five times faster than with land-based methods and requires less manpower.

Accurate & Exhaustive Data

Total stations measure individual points. A drone flight can produce thousands of measurements which can be represented in different formats (orthomosaic, point cloud, DTM, DSM, contour lines, etc).

Mapping of Inaccessible Areas

An aerial mapping drone can take off and fly almost anywhere. It no longer limited by unreachable areas, unsafe steep slopes or harsh terrains. It does not need to close down highways or train tracks. In fact, it can capture data during operation without any difficulties to other operations.

Challenging Terrain

For construction topographical surveying in remote areas or areas that are difficult to access, LiDAR can be used to obtain site levels, conditions and types of soil with accurate images and measurements.

Industrial Building /
Hazardous Plants

Nuclear, hazardous chemical processing, oil and gas, mining and other industries present hazardous work environments where human presence is limited.

New / Existing
Building Development

LiDAR is particularly useful for capturing the imaging of an existing building, externally or internally.


LiDAR on UAV can further be applied to the agriculture industry for mapping a field or developing greenhouses in a challenging terrain.

Construction Management

Lidaero provides its unique construction management services which is designed based on the various case studies of the project. All stake holders gets access to this services online by engaging us in their developments.

Project Management

Lidaero provides project management services using Drone which enable all stake holders to review the progress of construction along with integration of Primavera scheduling provides time, cost, deliverables live updates on regular interval of the projects.




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